Ferosh A/W’14 Trend Report: Gothic Geisha

Ferosh Volume 2 | Page 180 | Photographer: Xandrah Sciavo

Ferosh: A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is excited to some most of our predicted fashion trends take place in Second Life, and become apart of our lifestyle and our art! We thank all of the people who support our efforts to bring fashion to this virtual world as it has never been seen before.

Geisha is always called beautiful even if she is not

 – Memoirs of a Geisha.

Let’s put aside the time honoured conventional ideals of this ancient tradition. For Autumn/Winter 2014 the Geisha has gone bad. This season designer’s explore the powerful juxtaposition between the seemingly demure ancient tradition and the darkly sensual references to bondage and fetishism, this trend inspires a regal, hedonistic, intensity with a deeply sensual undertone. All of this whilst maintaining the soft silks, satins and floral themes more commonly associated with the far East. Ethereal blossoms float on dark backgrounds at both Prada and Christopher Kane. Our Ferosh stylists have found exquisite items at Bare Rose, Ison and Envious.
Ferosh Volume 2: Starting at Page 180. Click here!

Ferosh Volume 2 | Page 180 | Photographer: Harbor Galaxy


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